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Michael Camilleri

I’m an artist and creative director.

I work creatively with organisations and individuals large and small. Sometimes I provide ideas, or artwork in various forms, design or performance. Sometimes I provide artistic direction for ambitious multi-disciplinary projects, such as the animated public sex-ed initiative ‘The Practical Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships’. I love to think outside the box and put my skills to work to create content and experiences that are accessible, fun and full of humour, but also ingenious and unexpected.

To Partner Projects   

My individual work includes picture books, fine art, animation and some other fantastical, uncategorisable projects.  I’ve been nominated and won numerous awards, particularly for illustration and theatre productions, detailed on their respective pages. Works in progress and brain-scribbles pop up on instagram @michael_e_camilleri

Commercial work includes storyboards and concept design for production companies.

And I run creative workshops. I work with children through organisations like Kids’ Own Publishing, and in Primary and Secondary schools through Booked Out Booking Agency.

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I work privately with artists and other adults, offering one-on-one drawing tutoring or, for groups, the messy-party Snake-Doodle Workshop.

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If you:

need a brilliant creative approach for a current or future project and want to talk ideas


would like to enquire about workshops or tutoring


need some damn beautiful drawings or frames or animation toot sweet!

Bend my ear at

galactictractor (at) gmail (dot) com